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The Cure - Just Like Heaven

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Weekend Nachos - Shot In The Head

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I’m not ready to be happy
But if you would take my hand
And lay me down so softly
I think I’d make it out just fine.

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Turnstile - Death Grip

You want to change me, you want me to be eternally yours but naaaaaaaah not my love,

I feel so completely hopeless, what else is new.

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my ex told me he was going to get stay cold tattooed on his chest once and i laughed in his face

That’s because your ex is a tool.

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Pack your fists full of hate, take a swing at the world. These kids stick to themselves, carry angst in their words. Where we’ll never be a part of this cursed fucking town, so we stand amongst ourselves and watch it burn to the ground. Burn to the fucking ground